Chris Niemeyer on Building a Business that Serves the Life you Want to Live

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode

  • Get to know the mindset shift from having a job to owning a business.
  • Understand how solopreneurs and freelancers are different from business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Explore on how to systemize your business .
  • Find out the top recommendations on delegation.
  • Learn tips on working ON your business instead of IN it.


Chris Niemeyer is committed to helping other entrepreneurs work ON their business instead of IN it.

He owns multiple businesses, is a podcaster, confidence coach and business productivity consultant. Chris helps people overcome fear, move past their doubts and gain confidence through his FUD Factor & The 7 C’s to Confidence Course.

Having no He’s also passionate about helping small business owners discover more time and financial freedom. Living a life of adventure, spending more time with loved ones and operating in your sweet spot can be a reality as Chris teaches you how to automate, delegate & outsource effectively.

Chris loves to travel, has been to 40+ countries and another 100 on his bucket list. For some strange reason, Chris’ interests start with the letter “f” – faith, family, friends, food, fitness, finance & far-off places.

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Marcus Aurelius Anderson on Leveraging Adversity into an Epic Success!

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode

  • Discover why adversity is a gift
  • Learn how you can leverage adversity into an opportunity in business
  • Find out how empathy is important in leadership


Marcus Aurelius Anderson is a Bestselling Author, TEDx & International Keynote Speaker, Mindset Coach to Leaders, CEO’s and High Performing Entrepreneurs and host of the #1 New and Noteworthy “EPIC ACHIEVER Podcast.”

While preparing to deploy with the U.S. Army, Marcus suffered a severe spinal injury that left him paralyzed. After dying on the operating table twice, the surgeons saved his life but told him he'd never walk again.

Having no other option, Marcus started doing some brutally honest soul searching, looking for the lesson to be learned from his injury. Once he started seeing his Adversity as a gift instead of a curse, something miraculous began to happen...

Marcus now speaks, inspires, and teaches others to use their Adversity as a catalyst to actualize their personal definition of success in every area of life and business. His message teaches us how we can use our own Adversity to make us into better leaders, entrepreneurs and human beings to create a better world.

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Meet your host

Shane Spiers

Shane is a successful Business Coach with clients across the globe including UK, North America, Middle East, Asia & Africa.

He has worked in a broad range of sectors including agriculture, arts, energy, healthcare, professional services, technology, real estate, construction & manufacturing...

Shane is the former CEO of a Group of 7 small to mid-sized businesses managing the combined revenue growth of 300% in one year and selling two of the businesses for multi-million sums.

He is also the former Managing Director of a £240m business unit that grew 2000% in 8 years and led a team of 1200 people serving 40,000 people across 135 sites.