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The 5 Steps to Freedom: How to Build the Business
of Your Dreams in Any Economy

Thursday 20th June 2024 at 11:00am BST

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5 Steps to transform your business into a profit-making, lifestyle-enhancing investment.

Do any of these describe you?

You’re exhausted and frustrated? You feel there’s not enough time in the day. You’re feeling guilty due to long hours and lack of family time.

You can’t seem to hire the right people. Sometimes it’s just easier to do the work yourself than manage your employees.

You’re having sleepless nights worrying about cash flow and making payroll. No matter how much is coming in, it’s never enough.

You’re a business owner entrepreneur who wants to grow to £5m, 10m, £20m+ revenue.


Then this webinar could be for you! In it you’ll discover:

The 5 Steps to Freedom, our award-winning process for leading small business owners from business creation to financial freedom.

Our 21 Silver Bullets – business optimization strategies that transform businesses into profit-making, lifestyle-enhancing investments.

How Business Coaching can help you. How our proven business coaching program is delivering results to business owners across the globe!

And so much more…


This will be a content-filled, no fluff presentation.

Shane Spiers

Shane is a successful Business Coach with clients across the globe including UK, North America, Middle East, Asia, Africa & Australia.

He has worked in a broad range of sectors including agriculture, arts, energy, healthcare, professional services, technology, real estate, construction & manufacturing...

Shane is the former CEO of a Group of 7 small to mid-sized businesses managing the combined revenue growth of 300% in one year and selling two of the businesses for multi-million sums.

He is also the former Managing Director of a £240m business unit that grew 2000% in 8 years and led a team of 1200 people serving 40,000 people across 135 sites.


Thursday 20th June 2024 at 11:00 am BST

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