Are you tired of being the last person who gets paid? (Or gets time off?)

How would you like to feel in control of your business: with stable cash flow, a steady stream of new customers, and systems that leave you feeling organized (and make it easy to delegate, so you actually get to take some time off!)

Investing in business coaching will be the best decision you ever make for your business!


Are you struggling to stay on top of all your daily business demands?

It feels like you’re busy all the time, but you’re not making any progress. You feel disorganized, like things are slipping. You know you should create systems and streamline processes, but you’re too busy putting out fires. Holiday? What’s that??

You can’t seem to hire the right people. Sometimes it seems like it would be easier to do the work yourself than manage your employees. Yet you know you need people in order to expand and make your business profitable.

Sleepless nights worried about cashflow and making payroll. Maybe some months you don’t get paid because everything else comes first. No matter how much is coming in, it’s never enough.

All of this leads to confusion and frustration: what am I doing wrong?

Here’s why you’re in this situation

In my experience of over 10 years of business coaching, the problem always boils down to 2 things.

1. Lack of business education/training

You are awesome at what you DO. You have great customer service and an excellent product.

You’re less excellent at business – because you never got that education or training. You’ve managed to get this far without it…and now you’re faced with issues you’re not prepared to handle.

This leads to problems with managing time and money, developing business systems and, of course, sales and marketing.

2. Inexperience leading a team

You started off as a one or two person operation and now you have employees to manage.

Your team is growing and you need to make the adjustment from being the person who does the work into the person who leads the people who do the work.

You have spent so much time and effort to learn about the service or product your business provides. Now is the time to develop your leadership, delegation, recruiting and training skills.  After all you don’t get the team you want, you get the team you deserve. If you want a better team, now is the time to grow YOUR skills so that you can get and keep better people to make your business flourish.

It’s time for you to step into your role as a business OWNER

Instead of being the person who works IN the business, you now have to step into your role as the leader of your team and spend your time working ON the business.

You can have a business that supports your life (instead of the other way around)

With some targeted education and training – along with perspective and insight from an experienced business mentor, you can achieve the same results my clients report:

  • Increased sales and revenue
  • Productivity gains – more time for self, family and “a life”
  • Increased clarity and confidence
  • Employees you can delegate to with confidence

How does business coaching work?

I won’t tell you what you “should” do.

It’s your business and you get to decide what to do. I’ll provide feedback, perspective and ask questions to help you explore your options.

I use a variety of teaching methods developed through my Masters in Coaching and Development.principally based on “asking instead of telling”. The principle underlying our approach is that people learn through the use of critical thinking, reasoning, and logic, finding holes in their own theories and then patching them up.

My role as a coach is to help you figure out the answer that is right for YOU. Since it is your answer and not mine you are much more likely to embrace and act on those ideas. And when you do, you’ll get results!


Business Tools: getting things done using proven tools, strategies and techniques. The most common challenges faced by business owners are in the areas of time, team and money. Information on how to address these challenges can be found by anyone who knows how to use a search engine. How to execute those strategies is where the gold is mined and is where the coach helps the most.

Personal Growth: if the owner (YOU) wants to have a better business, first the business needs a better owner (YOU)! What is the success mindset? What shifts need to happen to facilitate that success?

Action & Performance: while a coach can’t do your push-ups, the coach can help you to do more and better quality push ups!

The intersection – This is where YOU GET RESULTS

The Summit SCALE® Business Coaching Program for Small Businesses

This program begins the moment you commit to it.

You will fill out a comprehensive assessment – so that we know exactly where you are, what the problems are and where we need to focus next. This way we can make the most efficient use of our time and get the fastest results for you.

At our first meeting, we will go over the assessment and create a 90 day plan.

Then, depending on the program you choose, we will meet every week or every second week to review your progress and work through any issues you are experiencing.

You will get one-on-one, personalized education on whatever you need: time management, goal setting, planning, sales and marketing, business systems, team management or success mindset strategies

What does it cost?

First of all, coaching doesn’t cost – it pays.

Coaching is an investment that usually begins to pay off immediately and will continue paying off over the life of your business. Everything you learn today you can continue to apply in the future.

If you qualify – and do the work – I offer a guarantee:

If you don’t earn my fee over and above what you’re making now after 17 weeks or 4 months of coaching, I will work with you at no charge until that is true. I’ve worked with many, many clients, and not ONE of those people have ever asked me to make good on the guarantee.

I charge on a sliding scale depending on your business revenue.

Coaching rates for small businesses earning less than £250,000 per year start at just £895 per month.

The real cost is NOT getting business coaching

Here’s some free business coaching for you:

How much did you earn in your business last month?

How much did you WANT to earn last month?

Subtract the two figures. This is how much it is costing you – each and every month – that you put off learning what you need to learn, or changing what you need to change.

Do you qualify to work with me?

My reputation is dependent on my clients’ success, so I only work with businesses that meet a specific set of criteria.

This might be you if:

  • You have a small business with at least one employee.
  • You are an intelligent, ambitious, high achiever. You want to grow a successful business.
  • You’re willing to accept feedback, make changes, and explore the world outside of your comfort zone. (This is where change happens!)

If you’re looking for a magic bullet solution or a way to succeed without working or changing, this is not for you.

Let’s get started

Business coaching is as much about driving profit as it is about developing the person.

Let’s have a coffee, the first coaching session is on me. Let’s see if we can work together to make your business great!