Dan Pfister on Winning Back Customers

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode

  • Discover how past customers are easier to engage and close than new ones
  • Learn why a customer that comes back to you is more valuable and more loyal
  • Explore how to re-establish customer relationships and reactivate the maximum number of high potential prospects


Dan Pfister is a partner at The Business Source Corp.

They’ve worked with brands like American Express and Tony Robbins and have generated over 50k customers

In 2016 Dan built a customer winback process and based on the success of it, he founded Strategic Winback Services.

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Michael Haynes on Driving Your SME B2B Restart and Recovery

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode

  • Discover how the B2B buyer has changed in this new environment
  • Learn what are B2B buyers now ultimately seeking
  • Explore why SMEs operating in B2B need to have a strategy
  • Discover some initial steps SMEs should undertake to get started


Michael is a B2B Customer and Marketing Strategy Specialist. His focus and passion is empowering SMEs with the clarity and roadmap to acquire, retain and grow business customers.

He has over 23 years' experience working with companies across a range of industries to develop and implement customer-driven strategies and programs.

Michael is based in Sydney, Australia. He is originally from Toronto Canada. He currently works with SMEs (and start-ups) in Australia, Asia, Canada, the US and Middle East.

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Meet your host

Shane Spiers

Shane is a successful Business Coach with clients across the globe including UK, North America, Middle East, Asia & Africa.

He has worked in a broad range of sectors including agriculture, arts, energy, healthcare, professional services, technology, real estate, construction & manufacturing...

Shane is the former CEO of a Group of 7 small to mid-sized businesses managing the combined revenue growth of 300% in one year and selling two of the businesses for multi-million sums.

He is also the former Managing Director of a £240m business unit that grew 2000% in 8 years and led a team of 1200 people serving 40,000 people across 135 sites.