When times are turbulent, it’s time to GET A GUIDE

Not all businesses will survive this recession. As your trusted advisor, I can help you make a plan, set priorities, innovate to stay relevant (and profitable) – and position your business to thrive in the years ahead

What does the next level of your business look like?

Clients come to me for support and guidance when they’re in one of three situations:

Planning to Grow – Get help creating and implementing plans, getting bigger/better clients and projects, building a team, transitioning from a small to medium-sized enterprise.

Managing Rapid Growth – Get help taming the chaos, creating systems, organizing and delegating, building teams, managing cash flow, freeing up the owner’s time

Preparing for Sale –  Get help increasing the value of your business, developing systems and documentation to make it more attractive to a buyer, setting it up to run without you

If you’re ready to address the time, team and money issues that are holding your business back, then I encourage you to talk with me about Summit SCALE® – a globally proven business coaching system that helps owners build the business of their dreams.

Check out the Free Resources page to find free but very valuable resources on growing sustainably profitable business. Whatever stage of business development you’re at and wherever you are in the world, there’s a Summit SCALE® resource that’s right for you!

Why Summit SCALE®

If you want to know more about what makes Summit SCALE® Coaching unique, here’s eight reasons that our clients tell us why Summit SCALE® is their #1 choice when it comes to implementing a proven business growth system into their business… Read More

About Shane Spiers

Shane Spiers is a Business Coach and accomplished leader with small, mid-sized and FTSE 250 company success. The predominant part of his career has been leading and coaching others to lead rapid growth companies… Read More

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