More Time, Better Team, More Profit

1. You are an owner of a small to mid-sized business and you know you’re at your best when you’re focused on the long-term success of your business: designing, planning and mapping out the future.

2. You love it when you know the business is running smoothly and growing profitably and you can take time out to work ‘on’ the business or relax with the family, confident that things won’t fall apart when you’re not around.

3. But, as the business grows you’re finding that’s becoming increasingly difficult. What used to work doesn’t seem to be working anymore. As success comes your way you feel like you’re constantly fighting fires and doing the heavy lifting on critical issues. There’s not enough profit and at times you feel overwhelmed about how to take the business to the next level.

4. You understand that in order to enjoy (1) and (2) above you now need help to dramatically increase profits and build an effective team to help you run the business so you get time back for yourself. You also understand that you need a proven system that will give you the confidence to make the critical decisions that drive growth.

5. If you’re ready to address the time, team and money issues that are holding your business back, then I encourage you to talk with me about Summit SCALE® – a globally proven business coaching system that helps owners build the business of their dreams.

Check out the Free Resources page to find free but very valuable resources on growing sustainably profitable business.

Whatever stage of business development you’re at and wherever you are in the world, there’s a Summit SCALE® resource that’s right for you!

Why Summit SCALE®

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About Shane Spiers

Shane Spiers is a Business Coach and accomplished leader with small, mid-sized and FTSE 250 company success. The predominant part of his career has been leading and coaching others to lead rapid growth companies…

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