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5 Steps to Transform Your Business Into a Profit-Making, Lifestyle-Enhancing Investment.

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You will learn:

  1. The 5 Steps to Freedom – a powerful framework for understanding the phases of business growth.
  2. How to accelerate your development through the 5 stages by implementing the proven 3-4 business optimization strategies for the stage you’re at right now.
  3. How implementing systems will help you move out of the Chaos Stage and into the more pleasant (and profitable!) Control and Prosperity stages.

Are you struggling with running and growing your business right now? Let’s talk so we can get to know each other and explore how my programs may help you.

If you’re like most business owners, CEOs & Managing Directors there are days you struggle to keep your head above water – whether you’re frustrated by a lack of quality leads, prospects, and customers…unproductive staff…too much to do and not enough time to do it…or insufficient cash flow.

Feeling “in over your head” or like things are spinning out of control, is a common situation in a growing business.

Did you ever stop to think what it would be like if instead of being the person who works IN the business, you could step into your role as the LEADER of your team and spend your time working ON the business?

In my experience the problem always boils down to 2 things:

1) You are awesome at what you DO. You have great customer service and an excellent product. But you’re less excellent at business – because you never got that education or training. You’ve managed to get this far without it…and now you’re faced with issues you’re not prepared to handle.

2) You’re inexperienced at leading a team. You have spent so much time and effort learning about the service or product your business provides. Now is the time to develop your leadership, delegation, recruiting and training skills. After all, you don’t get the team you want, you get the team you deserve.

It’s time for you to step into your role as a business OWNER.

Investing in coaching will be the best business decision you ever make for your business.

If you’d like to explore coaching, book a confidential 15-minute call so we can get to know each other.

Do any of these describe you?

You are a business owner /entrepreneur who wants to grow from around £1m to 5, 10, £20m+ revenue.

You’ve had some success in the startup and early stages but are now stuck.

You have a great product or service but the things that made you successful in the past now no longer seem to be working.

You’ve finally figured out that you are not going to grow your business through increasing your personal production. Working harder and longer isn’t the answer.

You can’t seem to hire the right people but you know you need people in order to expand and make your business profitable.

You never have enough money – you’re struggling with sales & marketing – it’s feast and famine, with potential customers and projects falling through the cracks.

You want to transform your business into something that is both more manageable and valuable.

Is something holding you back?

I get it. Moving your business from chaos to control is a journey that sounds simple when looked at from the 30,000 foot view in a guide like this, but feels a little more daunting at ground level on Monday morning.

Implementing the plans and systems covered in this guide will take time – and when you’re in the “chaos” stage of business growth – time is what feels shortest in supply.

Business coaching can accelerate the process by providing an outside perspective to pinpoint the exact problems and help you create a specific custom-tailored action plan. Coaches also provide the support and accountability to get the work done. Because these projects are important, but not urgent, they are the most likely to be put off.

This guide will provide some insight into how coaching with me works so you can see what it would look like if we work together.

If coaching with me sounds like something you’d like to explore, I invite you to book a confidential 15-minute call so we can each assess whether or not it will be a fit.

Imagine 12 months from now and you’re reflecting on your progress…

It’s Friday lunchtime as you close the lid of your laptop, look at the window and feel a sense of elation as you reflect on what you have achieved.

You’re smiling because you’ve had consistent growth in revenue since you systemised your lead generation and sales conversion.

You are relieved that you now have stable cash flow and considerably more profit.

You feel relaxed because your team are focused and on the same page, consistently driving execution and results.

Not all day-to-day decisions are coming to you and you’re happy getting your life back.

You’re reassured that you have a clear plan to build the value of your business.

You are more energized and confident that you’re on track to building that business you always dreamed of.

Would you like this to be you?

You owe it to your business, to yourself, and to your dreams to peruse this guide. In 15-minutes you will devour it and a whole new world of possibilities will open up.

This book will help you clear out all the frustration and confusion so common today and will get your business moving in a direction you never would have believed possible.

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“Shane has helped me take my business to the next level. I can say without hesitation that he is one of the most valuable resources for my business and me personally. When I met Shane it happened when I was at a point of transition in my business. I wanted to go from being a good business to a great business and beyond. Shane really understands the issues that a business owner goes through. I’m excited about the future more and more every day.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sam Bisgrove, Owner, Proactive People, UK