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Effective Cash Flow Forecasting for Business Owners

Effectively managing cash flow is one of the most critical skills business owners must possess if they want their companies to survive and grow profitably. Yet creating an accurate cash flow forecast is complicated because it involves measuring and m... Read More

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The Two Step Formula For Calculating Your Break-Even Point

Every business needs to have a certain amount of sales to cover their fixed costs and that becomes a challenge for businesses that are running at or below break-even. Right now, for many businesses, it’s critical to get to break-even quickly. So u... Read More

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How To Stand Out From Your Competitors

Right now, a lot of businesses are having to adapt their offerings (or to use an overused buzz word – pivot) to respond to the changing needs and priorities of their customers. You may, as a business owner, need to rethink, reimagine your business ... Read More

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How To Start Maximising Your Exit Value Today!

Many business owners will say they want to develop an exit strategy because they’re fed up and want out of their business. However, there is a profound relationship between the valuation of the business and its stage of development. Say for example... Read More

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How To Ensure Your Business Survives

When the COVID pandemic hit, business owners had to suddenly shift from focusing on big picture strategies to short term tactics. And the most important tactic is quite simple: to survive. So how do you ensure that your business survives? In short, y... Read More

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The Business Hierarchy of Needs

The biggest problem business owners have is that they don’t know what their biggest problem is. Trapped between stagnating sales, staff turnover, unhappy customers, and now throw in the issues associated with a pandemic and recession, what do you f... Read More

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Managing Cash and Expenditure To Survive A Downturn

We are in a “losses avoided” climate and that means breakeven and cash neutral are gold medals. While I believe we should plan the for the worst-case scenario projections. I’ve found the most valuable projection is based on a slightly pessimist... Read More