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July 7, 2022 No Comments

Coaching Myths That Can Hold Business Owners Back

Coaching is not about being a “nice person”. It’s about performance. It’s about bringing the same structure and creativity to your interactions with your team as you bring to solving business problems. There are seven major myths surrounding ... Read More

June 23, 2022 No Comments

What We Can Learn From Socrates About Staff Development

During my study for my master’s degree in Coaching and Development, I was tutored by some Olympic level sports coaches. They brought their sporting success to the world of business. Why’s this relevant? Well, let me explain the sporting origins o... Read More

June 16, 2022 No Comments

Heroic CEO or Team Coach?

There are so many strategies to be implemented and changes to be managed today. The days when, in any organisation, small or large, integrating the different needs of all the stakeholders could be managed by a charismatic founder CEO are past and gon... Read More

June 9, 2022 No Comments

Carrot & Stick: Why It Doesn’t Work As A Motivator

The secret of motivation is the holy grail that every business leader would dearly love to find. Motivating employees seems like it should be easy. And it is — in theory. But while the concept of motivation may be straightforward, motivating employ... Read More

June 2, 2022 No Comments

4 Organisational Changes That Transformed Dan’s Business

Dan is a business owner of a growing SME in the construction technology sector with revenue of just over £3m and currently 25 staff. He has experienced many highs and lows in building his business over the years but is proud of what he has achieved.... Read More

May 12, 2022 No Comments

Making The Shift From Doing To Leading

One of the most difficult transitions for new leaders to make is the shift from doing to leading. As an early-stage business owner or manager, you can get away with holding on to work. People may even admire your willingness to keep “rolling up you... Read More

May 10, 2022 No Comments

The 10 Shades Of Grey In Effective Delegation

Delegating is the idea of I’m going to ask someone to do an activity or a task I’m currently doing. I’m going to explain the outcomes that I’m looking for and then I’m going to provide the right level of training and support... Read More

April 26, 2022 No Comments

Are You Delegating Or Abdicating?

Many small-business owners struggle to let go of the reins when they take on their first employees. They want things done their way – they struggle to delegate, they micromanage, and they end up spending just as long as it would have taken to do it... Read More

March 17, 2022 No Comments

How To Improve The Performance Of Your Remote Team

Even before the pandemic remote or virtual teams were becoming more frequent. In fact, in some industries, they’re now the norm. The expansion of talent networks and the vast improvements in technology and connectivity mean that the search for tale... Read More