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How to Create A KPI Scorecard You’ll Love

The ultimate reality is that most organizations don’t have a scorecard. They lack activity-based numbers to review on a regular basis. They might rely on P&L (profit and loss statement) to tell than the score, but by then it’s too lat... Read More

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3 Key Questions To Define Your Core Customer Strategy

One of the toughest changes any company has to make when it decides to scale is who they prospect and sell to. Most early-stage businesses use chameleon selling. This is where they hunt for leads and then customize and adjust their products and servi... Read More

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Are You Coachable? Not Everyone Is!

Coaching is a powerful management tool, but the reality is not everyone can be coached. If you’re not willing, or able, to objectively look at your own thinking, behaviour and actions, then coaching may have limited impact. If you’re not ... Read More

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Why? Grow With Purpose?

If we think of values as guardrails for how we make decisions, act, and react, then purpose functions more as a north star, as one overarching, ultimate goal that guides the company. Purpose answers the ageless question why? Why does what we do matte... Read More

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6 Mistakes to Avoid in Developing Good Business Strategy

Creating an effective scaling strategy can one of the most enjoyable parts of growing and scaling a business. However, many teams get strategy wrong. Some frame their business strategy as one company pitted against another in a battle of force and wi... Read More

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10 Ways To Get Your Leadership Team Working Better

Sooner or later the leader of a business comes to realise the importance of creating a high-performing top team with much greater shared leadership across the team. This means moving from a hub and spoke style of leadership where each team member rep... Read More

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Selecting Your Leadership Team

Building a highly effective team starts by ensuring you have the right mix of ingredients. The team needs to have members who are by nature team players and who are actively committed to the collective mission, in what they say and how they behave. A... Read More

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Heroic CEO or Team Coach?

There are so many strategies to be implemented and changes to be managed today. The days when, in any organisation, small or large, integrating the different needs of all the stakeholders could be managed by a charismatic founder CEO are past and gon... Read More

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Delegate and Grow

Unfortunately, many leaders try to hold onto too much for too long and have trouble delegating and growing. We often think that the short-term investment in just “doing it ourselves” will save us time and energy. When, with the right peop... Read More

April 8, 2019 No Comments

Better Business Decision Making

The mark of a great leader is consistently being a great decider! When you think about it, all business activity really comes down to two simple things: Making decisions and executing those decisions. Decisive leaders choose a direction, build buy-in... Read More

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