Check out these episode highlights:

01:15 – Who Michael works with and why he does what she does

02:10 – How the B2B buyer has changed in this “new” environment

03:29 – What B2B buyers now ultimately seeking

05:15 – Why SMEs operating in B2B need to have a strategy

06:45 – How SMEs should approach strategy in this environment

09:20 – What initial steps SMEs should undertake to get started

11:30 – Michaels Website Address

Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode:

“B2B buyers are now doing a lot more self-education & research, are risk-averse and are making buying decisions by consensus” - @2Excellyourbiz Click To Tweet"When it comes to your marketing strategy, right now you do not want to be looking out more than 18-24 months" - @2Excellyourbiz Click To Tweet"Listening for the buyer perspective right now is critical - those key stakeholders influencing the purchasing decision" - @2Excellyourbiz Click To Tweet

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