Check out these episode highlights:

00:28 – Dr Ed Jackson’s background

01:05 – Why Meaning-Centered Leadership is an important topic

02:32 – How to implement Meaning-Centered Leadership to start making an immediate difference

05:32 – How leaders manifest expertise in their organisations

06:54 – Where to learn more about Meaning-Centred Leadership

07:03 – Meaning-Centered Leadership website address

Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode:

"Aristotle & Socrates made uniques observations that happiness isn’t what gives us our foundation. It’s finding meaningful work” - @DrEdJackson1 Click To Tweet"Providing influence to our communities in a positive way through our work really gives us a strong foundation" - @DrEdJackson1 Click To Tweet"For wellbeing in organisational success, meaning does very much matter" - @DrEdJackson1 Click To Tweet"We found that the number 1 thing that followers wanted in their leader was an atmosphere where trusting relationships can flourish - @DrEdJackson1 Click To Tweet

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