Check out these episode highlights:

00:26 – Shawn Rhode’s background

01:22 – The number one issue most salespeople suffer from

02:25 – What is Bulletproof Selling, and where it came from

04:38 – How Bulletproof Selling it works across the sales cycle

05:54 – When getting started in sales, the first thing you should do to become more bulletproof

07:23 – Where salespeople rely on hope more than they should

08:46 – Where to start implementing this approach in an organisation

10:28 – Where to learn more about Bulletproof Selling

Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode:

"The number one issue most salespeople suffer from is they rely on hope a little too much in their sales strategy” - @ShoshinConsul Click To Tweet"High performing teams are able to constantly update how they go about their jobs so they become more bulletproof" - @ShoshinConsul Click To Tweet"So many salespeople spend months pursuing someone only to hear we have never bought anything like that and never will - @ShoshinConsul Click To Tweet"Start with the first and topmost problem that you have. So if you are part of a team, what is the topmost problem that your team is suffering from?" - @ShoshinConsul Click To Tweet

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