Check out these episode highlights:

02:08 – Who should be on LinkedIn?

02:50 – Who’s the average LinkedIn user?

03:41 – Does it work even if I’m a solopreneur?

04:08 – What are 3 simple ways to improve our LinkedIn Profile?

06:08 – Who should I accept in my network?

08:02 – How do I get more engagement on LinkedIn?

9 :00 – Sarah’s Website Address.

Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode:

"Every business owner who sells services has a place on LinkedIn" - @sarahsantacroce Click To Tweet"As an entrepreneur you can use the LinkedIn database to search for ideal clients. You have to know your ideal client description" - @sarahsantacroce Click To Tweet"In order to get engagement you really need to discover what kind of content is my ideal client interested in" - @sarahsantacroce Click To Tweet

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