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Your Best Year Yet

If you’re like me, this time between Christmas and the New Year is an ideal time to reflect on the past year and think ahead to what you want in the year ahead. Most people set a long list of New Year resolutions; some would even call it their yearly goals. And that’s great! Most […]... Read More

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The Power of Passion to Overcome Uncertainty in Business

In a challenging business landscape, ‘uncertainty’ is the word commonly used in describing the difficulties faced. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner, you will have certainly encountered periods of doubt and unpredictability. But here’s a golden nugget of wisdom – it’s our passion that often becomes the lighthouse amidst the stormy […]... Read More

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The Be-Do-Have Model: Unlocking Success in Business and Life

In a world full of success stories and tales of high achievement, it’s natural to wonder: What’s the secret? How did the world’s most influential business owners and leaders accomplish their dreams? In this post, we journey into the realm of mindset and unveil a transformative model that holds the power to reshape your destiny: […]... Read More

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Are You Facing This Recession With a Feeling of Scarcity or Abundance?

Are you facing this recession with a feeling of scarcity or abundance? Because the outcomes for you will be very different! In the financial crisis of 2008-2009, I was part of a team leading the fastest-growing property company in the UK. We had grown 2000% in 8 years. Everything was going great. We were confident, feeling […]... Read More

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How To Become A Better Business Owner

So why is learning how to become a better business owner even important? Well, many people are driven to open their own small businesses because of a specific passion. Not from the desire to actually “do business.” This means that very often, you have business owners who are quite talented at creating their products or providing […]... Read More

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How Well Do You Know Your People?

  If you struggle to keep your staff motivated, effective, and engaged, there is a powerful solution to your problem. When you take an honest inventory of the state of your staff and determine how well you’re doing, what are your results?  Are you frustrated by a lack of cooperation and positivity in your corporate […]... Read More