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Managing Stress While Running a Business

As a business coach, I see firsthand the impact that running a business can have on an owner, particularly around stress management. In fact, when an owner inquires about working with me, I always ask them what one emotional word would describe their current situation. Many of them will use words like stressed, overwhelmed, or […]... Read More

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On the Changes in Thinking Required to Scale

Scaling your business is not merely a matter of increasing your resources or expanding your client base; it fundamentally involves a transformative shift in mindset. As entrepreneurs, we often begin our journeys with hands-on involvement in every aspect of the business. However, the transition from a small operation to a thriving, scalable business requires more […]... Read More

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How to Make Lasting Positive Change

We’ve all changed at certain points in our lives, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse, depending on the context. However, lasting positive change is always a choice. There is a formula for making that work, and it is always the rarest of personal growth. This is a framework for understanding behaviour and lasting positive […]... Read More

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Your Best Year Yet

If you’re like me, this time between Christmas and the New Year is an ideal time to reflect on the past year and think ahead to what you want in the year ahead. Most people set a long list of New Year resolutions; some would even call it their yearly goals. And that’s great! Most […]... Read More

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The Power of Passion to Overcome Uncertainty in Business

In a challenging business landscape, ‘uncertainty’ is the word commonly used in describing the difficulties faced. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner, you will have certainly encountered periods of doubt and unpredictability. But here’s a golden nugget of wisdom – it’s our passion that often becomes the lighthouse amidst the stormy […]... Read More

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The Be-Do-Have Model: Unlocking Success in Business and Life

In a world full of success stories and tales of high achievement, it’s natural to wonder: What’s the secret? How did the world’s most influential business owners and leaders accomplish their dreams? In this post, we journey into the realm of mindset and unveil a transformative model that holds the power to reshape your destiny: […]... Read More