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The Power of Passion to Overcome Uncertainty in Business

In a challenging business landscape, ‘uncertainty’ is the word commonly used in describing the difficulties faced. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner, you will have certainly encountered periods of doubt and unpredictability. But here’s a golden nugget of wisdom – it’s our passion that often becomes the lighthouse amidst the stormy […]... Read More

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The Be-Do-Have Model: Unlocking Success in Business and Life

In a world full of success stories and tales of high achievement, it’s natural to wonder: What’s the secret? How did the world’s most influential business owners and leaders accomplish their dreams? In this post, we journey into the realm of mindset and unveil a transformative model that holds the power to reshape your destiny: […]... Read More

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Are You Facing This Recession With a Feeling of Scarcity or Abundance?

Are you facing this recession with a feeling of scarcity or abundance? Because the outcomes for you will be very different! In the financial crisis of 2008-2009, I was part of a team leading the fastest-growing property company in the UK. We had grown 2000% in 8 years. Everything was going great. We were confident, feeling […]... Read More