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Building a Great Team: 8 Essential Elements

When you’re the owner of a business, one of the most important roles you play is team-builder. It doesn’t matter how much you know or how inspiring your vision is; if you want to grow your company, you first have to grow your team. As Zig Ziglar put it, “You don’t build a business. You […]... Read More

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Elevate Your Delegation Strategy to Propel Business Growth

As a Business Coach, I often see business owners getting to a certain point and then hitting the wall when it comes to business goal achievement or experiencing overwhelm in getting stuff done in their business. Often the problem lies in their approach to delegation. You see, a growing business demands more than just task […]... Read More

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How To Run An Effective Quarterly Planning Meeting

A leadership team doing quarterly planning meetings and doing them well is a huge contributing factor to a company’s success. Coming together every 90 days to dust yourselves off from the previous quarter, get on the same page, solve Issues and plan the next 90 days’ priorities for the company helps you avoid “getting off […]... Read More

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Say Goodbye to Boring Meetings

Does this sound like your company’s leadership team meetings? They’re an interruption. They distract you from real work and eat up valuable time. They’re random. You only meet when there’s fires to put out, and it’s a painfully chaotic process. They lack focus. Meetings are filled with meandering discussions that never really solve the real […]... Read More

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Why Business Owners Need To Be Team Coaches

Once there was a time when the manager’s job was to supervise and control the people they managed – that is, to tell them what to do, help them to do it properly, measure their performance and reward are correct that performance as needed. Those days are long gone. Today the very nature of business […]... Read More

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If You Want Talent Recruit Like A Marketer

Most businesses don’t do enough to attract people. In a market like this, when potential employees can have their pick of multiple job offers – you need to do even more. These days we have to look at recruiting like marketing. A business must cast the net wide by deploying multiple recruitment strategies to market […]... Read More