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On the Changes in Thinking Required to Scale

Scaling your business is not merely a matter of increasing your resources or expanding your client base; it fundamentally involves a transformative shift in mindset. As entrepreneurs, we often begin our journeys with hands-on involvement in every aspect of the business. However, the transition from a small operation to a thriving, scalable business requires more […]... Read More

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A Four-Step Recruiting System To Hire The Right People

Recruiting is like fishing. The businesses that get the best people are the ones that get a lot of fish on the deck so they can be choosy. We want to have a whole lot of people coming to us who really want this job so that we can be the buyer choosing and making […]... Read More

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The Costs & Consequences Of A Poor Recruitment Decision

Poor recruitment decisions often occur when there is pressure to fill a position quickly, and therefore corners are cut during the recruitment process. While there is always a risk when hiring a new employee, a robust recruitment & selection approach can help to mitigate this risk by verifying information provided and objectively assessing candidates, rather […]... Read More

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Is A Lack Of Focus On Recruitment Hurting Your Business?

One of the secrets of the best leaders I’ve met is the significance they place on employee selection. If you hire the wrong people, all the best management techniques in the world won’t bail you out. You simply can’t achieve consistent results until you get the right people in place. Trying to fix people problems […]... Read More

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The 7 Big Recruitment Challenges for Employers Right Now

Recruitment impacts every single aspect of the company. Hiring and nurturing talent is fundamental to growth, positive results, and ultimately business success. Zig Ziglar put it this way – “You don’t build a business. You Build People. Then People Build the Business” Nobody ever said that attracting and engaging talent would be easy. In fact, […]... Read More

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Coaching Myths That Can Hold Business Owners Back

Coaching is not about being a “nice person”. It’s about performance. It’s about bringing the same structure and creativity to your interactions with your team as you bring to solving business problems. There are seven major myths surrounding what it takes to be a good leader-coach. Here’s an attempt to set the record straight. Myth […]... Read More