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Incentivise, Incentivise, Incentivise

When your employees perform half-heartedly on the job, there is usually a simple reason why. A critical aspect of managing staff is incentivising them to do excellent work. Here’s a simple truth: when people’s earnings are tied to their performance, it’s a powerful motivator. On the one hand, it gives them a sense of empowerment. […]... Read More

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If You Want Talent Recruit Like A Marketer

Most businesses don’t do enough to attract people. In a market like this, when potential employees can have their pick of multiple job offers – you need to do even more. These days we have to look at recruiting like marketing. A business must cast the net wide by deploying multiple recruitment strategies to market […]... Read More

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How Well Do You Know Your People?

  If you struggle to keep your staff motivated, effective, and engaged, there is a powerful solution to your problem. When you take an honest inventory of the state of your staff and determine how well you’re doing, what are your results?  Are you frustrated by a lack of cooperation and positivity in your corporate […]... Read More

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Six Characteristics of Healthy Teams

When it comes to your employees, do they work as a cohesive unit, or are there factions, backbiting, slacking off, and complaining? There is an important principle a business owner must understand if you want to create a work environment where people can feel empowered to operate at optimal efficiency: THE IMPORTANT DISTINCTION BETWEEN MERE […]... Read More