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Your Best Year Yet

If you’re like me, this time between Christmas and the New Year is an ideal time to reflect on the past year and think ahead to what you want in the year ahead. Most people set a long list of New Year Resolutions; some would even call it their yearly goals. And that’s great! Most […]... Read More

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4 Simple Steps to Recruiting Quality Candidates

Do you find it difficult to attract the right kind of employees? The fact is most businesses don’t do enough to attract the right people. In a market like this, when potential employees can have their pick of multiple job offers – you need to do even more. Hiring and nurturing talent is fundamental to […]... Read More

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How Well Do You Know Your People?

  If you struggle to keep your staff motivated, effective, and engaged, there is a powerful solution to your problem. When you take an honest inventory of the state of your staff and determine how well you’re doing.  What were your results?  Are you frustrated by a lack of cooperation and positivity in your corporate […]... Read More

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Six Characteristics of Healthy Teams

When it comes to your employees…do they work as a cohesive unit — or are there factions, backbiting, slacking off, and complaining? There is an important principle a Business Owner MUST understand if you want to create a work environment where your people can feel empowered to operate at optimal efficiency: THE IMPORTANT DISTINCTION BETWEEN […]... Read More