Check out these episode highlights:

01:02 –  How Darnyelle, is disrupting the conversation about marketing in the digital age.

01:26 –  The thinking behind the disruptive conversation.

01:54 –  What is the ROCK Star Marketing Formula and how does it help businesses position themselves for profit?

03:00 –  What are the biggest barriers to scale you see impacting businesses and what are three tips to help them overcome these obstacles and scale quickly?

04:32 –   How to get an understanding of what clients want.

05:26 –   One question Shane, should have asked Darnyelle, but didn’t. And what’s the answer?

06:15 –  Darnyelle’s Website Address.

Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode:

" Do not compete online, stay offline where there is no competition " - @ darnyellejervey Click To Tweet" 7 to 8% of your clients will continue to invest in themselves. If you think of their problems in terms of progression, and solve them in every stage, then you will have clients for life " - @ darnyellejervey Click To Tweet" 93% of any sales are emotions, only 7% are logic " - @ darnyellejervey Click To Tweet" Even if you do not close the client, listen to what they are telling you and validate if what you are offering is meeting their needs in the market place " - @ darnyellejervey Click To Tweet" Without the right mindset you will not succeed even if you have great marketing skills, great message, and the right prices " - @ darnyellejervey Click To Tweet

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