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Exiting Wealthy is Not in the Endgame – It’s in the Everyday

By 2030, the entire Baby Boomer generation—one of the largest generational cohorts in history—will be at or beyond retirement age. Baby Boomers make up about 40% of small business owners, and accordingly, in the next 5–10 years, a massive wave of small business owners will reach retirement age and wish to exit wealthy from their […]... Read More

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Have You Got a Clear Vision for Your Business?

I’ve just finished reading Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest book: Be Useful – Seven Tools for Life. His ability to create a clear vision and set non-negotiable goals to achieve that vision really is inspiring to me. When Arnold Schwarzenegger was doing publicity for his first movie, during a lunch interview, a sports columnist who had been tasked […]... Read More

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Overcoming the Business Ownership Challenges of 2024

Business ownership has never been straightforward. However, as we step into the new year, it’s evident that business owners are navigating through an unprecedented array of challenges. The lingering economic impacts of the pandemic, along with the evolving dynamics of hybrid work environments, have created a landscape characterized by economic instability and financial pressures. Key […]... Read More

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Your Best Year Yet

If you’re like me, this time between Christmas and the New Year is an ideal time to reflect on the past year and think ahead to what you want in the year ahead. Most people set a long list of New Year resolutions; some would even call it their yearly goals. And that’s great! Most […]... Read More

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How To Run An Effective Annual Planning Session

As we near the end of another challenging year, it’s a good time to develop your plan for the upcoming 12 months so that you hit the ground running in the new year. However, as the old saying goes, “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything”. It’s really the process that is important in annual […]... Read More

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The Four Critical Questions Your Business Plan Must Answer

If you or your business seem to be running without direction or purpose, then right now would be a good time to get some clarity. As the year draws to a close and we get ready to ring in the new year, it’s a very good time to develop your business plan for the upcoming 12 […]... Read More