Learn how to free up your time by delegating the right tasks to the right people at the right time and in the right way…

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Does it feel like you’re being pecked all the time, never able to get anyone to make a decision? Is it having a negative outcome for you because if you’re not around the business is never going to work?

In this Delegation Mastery Training Course, designed specifically for Solopreneurs and Business Owners, in just over 2 hours, I’m going to show you how to delegate the tasks that you should NOT be doing in your business with a very simple yet powerful, step-by-step methodology. You’ll understand how important doing this craft well impacts the growth of your business.

You don’t need to have a team already in place. This will help you even if you don’t have a team yet!

It’s about having the right MINDSET and the right SKILLSET. The mindset of a true business owner and not that of a self-employed person who works a business with their name on it. The skillset of the masterful delegator, not a hub & spoke manager.

With the right approach to delegation, you will create more profitability in your business, you will create a more valuable business and you will create more capacity for growth through a more motivated team. The best part is, you will free up your time, giving you a choice on how you want to spend it.

Who’s This For?

I created Summit SCALE® Coaching specifically for the business owner entrepreneur who wants to grow to £1m, 5m, 10m+ revenue.

You’ve had some success in the start-up and early stages but are now stuck. You have a great product or service but the things that made you successful in the past now no longer seem to be working.

You’re doing all you can possibly do to grow the business but you’re not growing. You’ve tried working harder and longer but that hasn’t worked. You’ve tried a bunch of initiatives that haven’t worked and now you’re confused as to what are the most critical things you should be focused on.

You’re feeling stressed & overwhelmed.

You know you should create systems and streamline processes, but you’re too busy putting out fires. You know you need to spend more time focusing on the bigger picture or to adapt and innovate, but you never find the time to do it. You know you need people in order to expand and make your business profitable, but you can’t seem to hire the right people.

All of this leads to confusion and frustration: what am I doing wrong?

Helped Me Understand The Value of Systems To Expanding My Business

“I had met a lot of business coaches, and to be honest, I thought they wouldn’t be of any help to me. Having met Shane, I could tell he was different. He has a way of explaining things that just makes perfect sense. Having conversations with Shane, his insights, and the questions he asks, prompts me to think about my business in completely different ways. Shane has helped me understand the value of systems to expanding my business and learn the value of my time so that I have become a lot more productive and focused. I can highly recommend Shane.”

Tara Couzens, Owner, TLC Property

Who’s This NOT For…

This is not for people who:

  • Want to make 30 million in 30 days
  • Are looking for the miracle cure-all
  • Aren’t willing to step up and lead
  • Aren’t willing to work at personally growing and developing
  • Would prefer to stay with a hub & spoke model than scale through building a team

Why Is This Important To Business Owners?

One of the most difficult transitions for leaders to make is the shift from doing to leading. As an early-stage business owner, you can get away with holding on to work. But as a business grows your responsibilities become more complex.

Yet what I see very often is the business owner effectively operates as a hub and spoke manager. Where nothing happens in your business or your team unless somebody consults with you and every time, they have a problem or need to make a decision, you are being consulted.

As a result, business growth is limited to the owner’s capacity, business decisions do not get made in a timely fashion when the hub is away and employees are reluctant to make decisions without seeking permission. The owner has a tendency to overextend themselves and get bogged down in operations and tends to micro-manage which results in a perceived lack of trust among employees and the business frailties are masked.

I’ve encountered many successful businesses that have been quite profitable and have thrived while the hub was actively engaged in the business. However, when the hub is no longer available (through death, disability or mental illness) the sustainability of the business is in question. So is the value of the business which could have a profound impact on the owner’s family’s financial security.

If you are one of the hub and spoke, bulletproof, business owners who intend to sell your business and ride off into the sunset, think again. You represent much of the value of your business so it is highly likely the purchaser of your business will require you to stick around for two to five years to assist in the transition. In order to maximize the value of your business, you must begin to effectively delegate to your employees.

What Will You Learn?

You’ll appreciate the importance of delegating to others as a way to offload work and get more done in their busy life.

How to overcome any barriers or fears to delegation and learn to think positively of delegating tasks to others.

How to adopt an appropriate strategy to delegate the right task to the right people at the right time and in the right way.

We’ll also provide you with a systematic step-by-step approach to brief people on what you want to delegate to them.

Here’s Some Of What I’ll Cover

  • The business owner mindset – how where we are on the entrepreneurial ladder affects our ability to operate
  • The benefits and barriers of delegation including the consequences of poor delegation.
  • Shifting from doing to leading – the relationship of delegation to leadership and motivation
  • 5 critical skills required for delegation mastery and how to avoid micromanagement
  • Delegation ‘How To’ – the 9-step delegation process and the 10 shades of grey in delegation
  • Hiring and onboarding virtual assistance support



Here’s my guarantee, if you keep trying to improve your business on your own, if you don’t invest in developing yourself as a business owner, you’ll unnecessarily struggle and have results less than what you should have.

I purposefully kept the price low for this. It’s taken me over 30 years of blood, sweat, tears, money, lost sleep, anxiety, confusion, panic, fear, worry and much learning, wisdom and breakthroughs to learn what I’ll share with you.

If you are ready to move on from where you are, then take this training course. If you don’t get any value from the training, then let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund your money.

To your success.

Growing a business is like climbing a mountain.

You can’t go straight to the top. There is rugged terrain and obstacles to overcome. There are peaks and valleys to traverse. And there is changeable and extreme climate to contend with.

You need to go step by step. And each level is progressively harder than the previous one.

The higher you go, the thinner the air gets, and the more tired you are. You need new skills and strategies to keep going higher.

It’s the same thing in business.

Each stage of business growth has its own set of problems you must solve before you can move to the next level of revenue.

And if you want to reach 7 or 8 figure levels, there are significant dimensions to the challenge of growing a business.

Imagine this for a moment…

  • It’s Friday lunchtime as you close the lid of your laptop, look at the window and feel a sense of elation as you reflect on what you have achieved.
  • You’re smiling because you’ve had consistent growth in revenue since you systemised your lead generation and sales conversion.
  • You are relieved that you now have stable cash flow and considerably more profit.
  • You feel relaxed because your team are focused and on the same page, consistently driving execution and results.
  • Not all day-to-day decisions are coming to you and you’re happy getting your life back.
  • You’re reassured that you have a clear plan to build the value of your business.
  • You are more energized and confident that you’re on track to building that business you always dreamed of.

Are You Struggling To Stay On Top Of All Your Daily Business Demands?

It’s exhausting, isn’t it? There’s not enough time in the day.” It feels like you’re busy all the time, but you’re not making any progress. You feel disorganised like things are slipping. You’re feeling guilty due to long hours and lack of family time.

You can’t seem to hire the right people. Sometimes it’s just easier to do the work yourself than manage your employees. In fact, managing employees has turned out to be one of the least favourite things about running your business.

Sleepless nights worried about cash flow and making payroll. Maybe some months you don’t get paid because everything else comes first. No matter how much is coming in, it’s never enough. 

Here’s Why Business Owners Become Stuck

In my experience of over 25 years of building successful businesses and coaching others do the same, the problem always boils down to 2 things.

1. Lack of business education/training You are awesome at what you DO. You have great customer service and an excellent product. You’re less excellent at business – because you never got that education or training. You’ve managed to get this far without it…and now you’re faced with issues you’re not prepared to handle. This leads to problems with managing time and money, developing business systems and, of course, sales and marketing.
2. Inexperience leading a team You started off as a one or two person operation and now you have employees to manage. Your team is growing and you need to make the adjustment from being the person who does the work into the person who leads the people who do the work. You have spent so much time and effort to learn about the service or product your business provides. Now is the time to develop your leadership, delegation, recruiting and training skills. After all you don’t get the team you want, you get the team you deserve. If you want a better team, now is the time to grow YOUR skills so that you can get and keep better people to make your business flourish.

It’s time for you to step into your role as a business OWNER

Instead of being the person who works IN the business, you now have to step into your role as the LEADER of your team and spend your time working ON the business.

Here is what some of our clients have to say. Their success speaks of itself. I’m wondering what your story would say . . .

Improved Every Aspect Of Our Business

“Shane has helped us transform our small business into a healthy, profitable, fast-growth company. The powerful strategies that he has given us have improved every aspect of our business. Shane has become an important part of our support network. He has really helped us to keep on track and make sense of what we need to do next.”

Pietra Mello-Pittman & Ella Spira, Founders & Owners, Sisters Grimm, Dubai, UAE

One Of The Most Valuable Resources For My Business And Me Personally

“Shane has helped me take my business to the next level. I can say without hesitation that he is one of the most valuable resources for my business and me personally. When I met Shane it happened when I was at a point of transition in my business. I wanted to go from being a good business to a great business and beyond. Shane really understands the issues that a business owner goes through. I’m excited about the future more and more every day.”

Sam Bisgrove, Owner, Proactive People, UK

Implementing Proven Systems

“Shane’s real industry leadership experience along with his amazing coaching system have given me both the capability and the self-belief that I needed to build my business. I now have more focus and time to work ‘on’ my business instead of continually ‘in’ it and are implementing the proven systems Shane has taught me to accelerate the growth of my business.”

Gavin Pereira, Managing Director, Check-in London, UK

Helped Me Truly Step Into My Role As A Business Owner

“Shane has helped me truly step into my role as a business owner. He’s enabled me to move out of continually working in the weeds, where it is difficult to see what is most important, to working on the things that are most helpful to running and growing my business right now. He takes me out of the firefighting and lifts me up to see clearly what my business needs next of me. Shane’s style has been a mix of honesty and straightforwardly meeting my development needs.”

Tyna Collins, Director, Fred and Jean’s, UK