Welcome to Summit SCALE® Enterprise!

This is the right page for you if you want help embedding the Summit SCALE® business scaling frameworks, tools, processes, and skills further into your organisation than just your top team.

Enterprise follows a combination of the proven business scaling methodologies as featured on the Summit SCALE® ELEMENTS AND EXCLUSIVE web pages of the Summit SCALE® website.

The difference is that Summit SCALE® Enterprise equips each one of your Managers and Leaders with skills to bring the tools and processes to life and empowers them with a business scaling methodology that’s not only effective but hat they also enjoy working with.

And that last point is the critical missing factor from almost every business scaling system that is traditionally offered to organizations with middle and first-level managers: many of your team don’t have the skills for effective strategy execution and to lead people into a high performance, high growth environment.

So here’s what normally happens: you send them off to a management training course, they come back all pumped and optimistic and then six weeks later … they’ve reverted to type, which means, strategically important tasks are not delegated with clear accountability, issues remain unresolved until they become organisational problems, they fail to have frequent performance development conversations with their team members and they spend endless hours on their computer doing God knows what.

And that’s why Summit SCALE® works: because we provide your managers with the tools, processes and skills to align their team’s priorities with those of the organisation and empower them to execute through proven management practices and processes.

If you’d like to meet and explore your organization’s business scaling needs, and see if there is a fit between those needs and what I offer, please click this link and find a time for us to talk:


Yours Strategically, Shane
Chief Scaleologist

Email me at: shane@summitleader.com