FIX THIS NEXT Evaluation

Pinpoint The Most Vital Need In Your Business

Is It Time To Level Up & Scale Up?

I am privileged to be one of Mike’s Certified ‘Fix This Next’ Advisors and am passionate about helping as many business owners as possible work through this outstanding framework.

You can read about it on your own, you can undertake an online evaluation, on your own – or – you can get the absolute most from this by allowing me to walk you through the next step – your very own ‘Fix This Next’ Evaluation!

“The biggest problem entrepreneurs have is that they don’t know what their biggest problem is. 

If you find yourself trapped between stagnating sales, staff turnover, and unhappy customers, what do you fix first? 

Every issue seems urgent — but there’s no way to address all of them at once. The result? A business that continues to go in endless circles putting out urgent fires and prioritizing the wrong things.”

– Mike Michalowicz, Fix This Next

Take the Fix This Next Evaluation

and immediately pinpoint the most vital need in your business

Get your business on track in 3 easy steps…


We’ll complete the simple ‘Yes/No’ questionnaire for each of BHN 5 levels


We’ll set up an easy to follow action plan to get the ‘Fix’ worked on


You will then be able to repeat the process and fix the rest, one at a time!


‘Fix This Next’ Evaluation Sessions are available right now but the limited slots allocated each week are filling up quickly due to high demand since the book launch!

The Fix This Next evaluation will help you get instant clarity now of where your business falls in the hierarchy of needs. Then we can identify where your business needs vital attention next. As a Fix This Next Advisor and coach, I will work with you in the evaluation session so that you find and fix that ‘one thing’ so your business can level-up quickly.

As a certified Fix This Next Certified Advisor and Business Coach, I’m able to help you navigate effectively through Mike’s book and guide you with situations that are unique to your business.

I’ve used Mike’s other books and frameworks in my own business and with many clients, such as Profit First, Clockwork and Pumpkin Plan.