Summit LEADER® Business Coaching

Welcome to the Summit Leader® Business Coaching program enrolment page.

With my Summit Leader® Business Coaching program you work with me (Shane Spiers) one-on-one over a 3 or 6-month period or in group coaching session over a 5-month period.

My role as your Business Coach is to help you deliver the results you desire using proven frameworks, tools, approaches and my own business leadership experience developed in rapid-growth companies over more than two decades. I will hold you accountable for your results and just like a sports coach, push you to perform at optimal levels.

Who’s it for?

CEOs, Managing Directors, Leaders, Owners, Entrepreneurs of small to mid-sized businesses wanting to accelerate growth but challenged with:

Limited time due to dealing with the issues of running the day to day business
Breaking out of a pattern of tactical initiatives that don’t deliver results
Gaining the clarity required on where to take their business next
Being held accountable for delivery of their business and individual objectives
Coping with the ever-increasing organizational complexity that comes with growth
Aligning the business vision with personal goals
Insufficient leadership depth within the organisation to execute effectively
A lack of understanding of the strategies required to take the business to the next level
Insufficient capabilities to attract new customers, talent, advisors and other key relationships

What is it?

Summit Leader® Business Coaching:

Is a bespoke one to one programme aimed specifically at accelerating the success of the individual (and business) engaging in the process.
Provides support and encouragement for you to deliver higher performance. Getting you to FOCUS on what is fundamental and most importantly, take consistent ACTION towards your goals
Drives you to achieve more in less time and supports you to grow your business and simultaneously improve your overall life
Tools, Knowledge and Skills are developed by the business leader so that he/she can implement them in the business (and in his/her life) for his immediate and long-term success
Works to fit your business vision with your personal goals

How it Works

Included in the Summit Leader® Business Coaching Program:

1. Strategy Layer

Goal-setting , Planning and Prioritizing

Initial intensive strategic and personal planning to develop a clear one-page strategic plan for your business and one-page personal plan for you followed by quarterly reviews and updates.


Initial 4 x weekly strategic and personal planning one-to-one coaching sessions (via Zoom)
Access to our online training resources including videos, templates, examples to guide you through practical strategy planning, goal-setting and values development.

2. Execution Layer

Get Results Through Focused Action

Now that you have your documented plan on a page and clear priorities, we will work with you bi-weekly to make sure you’re staying on track with the structured accountability and support to make sure you are executing on your plan and getting the results you want.


Bi-weekly accountability checks-ins and one-to-one coaching (via Zoom)
Customizable training in practical skills, tools and processes to use everyday in your business to solve performance problems and implementable systems to run and grow your business.
Small group online coaching sessions for you and your team members to troubleshoot challenges and accelerate implementation.

3. Business Development Layer

Consistent Progress Towards Vision

The detailed process we’ll take you through the Summit SCALE® Model so that step-by-step we help you build out the team, systems, and organization you need to successfully reach the long-term vision for your business.


Customizable video training to coach your team in scaling-up your business.
Small group online coaching sessions to use as needed to solve scaling challenges.
Full access to the complete Summit SCALE® ELEMENTS online learning portal

4. Personal Development Layer

Personal Planning & Development

A powerful blend of situational and behavioural development that provides a comprehensive toolkit for greater leadership and influence.


Personal one-to-one coaching session for the Business Leader (via Zoom)
Access to self-assessments, 360-degree assessments, behavioural profiles, style analysis tools
Free access to our Vlogcasts, articles and other resources for additional input and expert opinion

What are typical Business Coaching objectives?

Coaching and mentoring for performance and leadership development
Building self-confidence and maximising ‘leadership presence’.
Increasing capacity to influence and obtain real ‘buy-in’ from stake-holders.
Building high-performance teams that are truly ‘more than the sum of their parts’
Clarifying where and how to take the business to the next level
Fitting business vision in with personal goals
Tapping into frameworks and tools to implement proven scaling strategies
Effective performance-management through the ability to have ‘difficult conversations’ and to recognise and acknowledge success
Inspiring and motivating followers, creating loyalty and commitment.
Developing excellent ’emotional intelligence’ – self-awareness, self-management, empathy and relationship-building
Improving interpersonal skills – including influencing, motivating, presenting, resolving conflict and delivering bad news
Honing networking and business development skills
Undertaking successful succession planning
Managing complex relationships – including managing upwards
Understanding and leading others through the impact of organisational change
Delegating effectively
Managing workload, handle stress, ensure work/life balance

Reasons why all Business Owners should consider Business Coaching:

1.Because you are already good and recognise that it’s going to take that bit extra to become Outstanding! – In the same way that top sportsmen and women will always seek out the top coaches in their field, you too need a Business Coach. We will hold you accountable, demand results, push you, cajole you and also be there to congratulate you on a job well done!
2.You feel that you are married to your business and that it demands working all hours – If you are ready to start taking control of the hours that you contribute to the business and get better results then you should consider Business Coaching.
3.Your business does not generate enough profit to justify your efforts – If you want to continue doing what you have always done it should come as no surprise that you will get the same results. We will challenge this and get you focused on taking actions that grow profits and allow you to work on driving your business forward. It will involve change, so you need to be open to this for it to be successful. The results could literally be to increase your revenues and profits within months of starting the programme.
4.You believe that the business will suffer if you are not there all the time; taking a holiday is out of the question – Unless your business can run without your being there every day, then it might come as a shock to some to learn that you are, in reality, an employee of the business not a REAL Business Owner. A Coach will help you to put in the business processes and to develop your management team so that the business will thrive whether or not you feel like going to work today. Long holidays and time spent improving your golf handicap all, suddenly, become a reality. Life is short. Why are you in the business at all?
5.You have fallen out of love with your business – Do you sometimes think life would be simpler without all the hassle? Your Business Coach will reignite your passions and help you redevelop your visions and goals for the Business.
6.You have a lot of business experience, however you haven’t really invested in yourself in years – You may send your staff on training courses but your own requirements have moved beyond generic training. As a result, you have neglected yourself. Investing in Notion’s Coaching is not a personal indulgence. Your Coach will work with you to improve specific aspects of your own performance and provide one-to-one support and motivation to achieve and build upon the improvements. The relationship between you and your Business Coach ensures swift and maximum impact on yours and the businesses performance providing a measurable ROI.
7.You have lost sight of where the business is going and why – As an “outsider” your Coach can see the wood from the trees. We are not blinded by industry preconceptions or your businesses previous way of doing things – “we’ve always done it this way” does not cut the mustard with us! We will ask you the difficult questions you have been avoiding and challenge you to take action.

Below you'll find three investment option links and if you and Shane Spiers agree that the
Summit Leader® Business Coaching program is a fit for your needs, then you'll be able to
select the option that best suits your budget.
But please don't enrol until you've met with Shane.

Group Group Coaching (5 Months)
US $1,180 (US $295 per month)
Professional One-to-one (3 Months)
US $3,600 (US $1,000 per month)
Growth One-to-one (6 Months)
US $6,900 (US $1,150 per month)

And if you want to know more about what makes Summit Leader® unique, here’s eight reasons that our clients tell us why Summit Leader® is their #1 choice when it comes to Business Coaching.

Reason #1: Unlike a lot of coaches and advisors, I’ve been there and done it. I’ve successfully led and scaled 7, 8 & 9- figure rapid growth businesses

Have you paid money in the past to a coach or advisor only to find that a few months later there’s very little to show for it?

How can I be so confident that I can help your business get great results? That’s a fair question.

The answer is straightforward – I’ve been there and done it.

Unlike a lot of business coaches, consultants and advisors, I have actually been in the leadership hot seat of rapid growth 7, 8 & 9-figure businesses.

And through my hands-on experience, I have developed a tried & tested formula (and took-kit) for doing it again and again.

Imagine tapping into this proven formula. No more guessing; no more struggling; no more doubting yourself or your decisions. Just clear action steps and structured accountability leading to consistent growth and greater time freedom.

Reason #2: We carry the risk, not you, with our ‘try now, pay later’ risk reversal guarantee which means you never risk a penny

Most coaches and trainers ask you to trust them. They say something to the effect of “give me your money and then I’ll deliver the value”.

But unfortunately, all too often people give them money only to find that the value delivery failed to make any significant difference to their business.

And if you’ve been through that experience of losing money by investing in people or courses that didn’t work out, then you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to trust me … instead, I’ll trust you.

How that works is simple: if you choose to cash flow your payments, then we’ll work together for a whole month without you paying or risking even one penny.

If at the end of that month you think that I’m not delivering, simply email me directly at and your credit card will not be charged.

This means I carry the risk, not you.

This is what I call “Risk Reversal” meaning that instead of you, my client, carrying the risk, I’ll carry it instead.

So…let me trust you, rather than me asking you to trust me.

Now, isn’t that a refreshing change?

Please note, that this Risk Reversal Guarantee does not apply if a person simply doesn’t show up. It only applies if you think that I’m not delivering on my promise.

And BTW, Risk Reversal is far superior to a money back guarantee offer.

Reason #3: You’ll see measurable and deliverable results in 90 days, and ongoing, providing you take accountability and action

Often when leaders are advised on developing a new strategy, they start by looking for places to grow. This may feel like the right thing to do, but it can be a misleading and even dangerous way to begin a strategic exercise.

There are an infinite number of ways that a company can try to grow, and simply brainstorming them will immediately lead to a long list of initiatives.

Most growing organisations have too many priorities to achieve the level of focus they need to succeed. Wanting to cover all their bases, they establish a long list of disparate objectives and spread their scarce time, energy, and resources across them all.

The result is almost always a lot of initiatives done in a mediocre way and a failure to accomplish what matters most. This reality is best captured in the wonderful adage, “If everything is important, nothing is.”

Growing a business is about taking one significant step at a time and then checking data and adjusting accordingly.

In fact, creating a 90-day world is a core premise of the Summit Leader® approach. Rather than be overwhelmed by the monumental task of accomplishing your vision, 90-day priorities allows you to break it down into bite-sized chunks and focus on making it stick.

And because it is a simple, step-by-step process, you just focus on one task at a time, without going ‘snow-blind’.

This keeps you focused, with consistent action, backed up by my hands-on support, day-by-day. You’ll even have my personal mobile phone number to call whenever you need it.

So there’s no delays, no hesitation and no procrastination. Just relentless implementation and delegation as you progress.

Because with a money back guarantee, there is actually no guarantee that you’ll get your money back and besides, who wants to even have to ask for their money back?

Reason #4: Summit Leader® is specifically for owners and leaders of 7 to 8-figure fast growth businesses

This is very important!

Both in the UK and the USA only 4% of businesses make it to 7-figure revenue. Of those only 10% make it to 8-figure revenue.

That means there are around 96% of businesses that simply can’t make it to 7-figure revenue.

Between 7 and 8-figures there are some very specific obstacles to do with complexity, growth cycles and market dynamics that need to be overcome.

To reach the next level, you need to intentionally map out a plan to get there, and then execute that plan with determination and momentum.

Either you keep doing what you’re doing, barely maintaining the same revenue year after year, and slide backwards, or you move forward with tremendous intentionality.

The world is full of “living dead” companies that reached a plateau and couldn’t grow to the next one. You’re either moving forward or moving back.

Staying still is not sustainable.

Summit Leader® Business Coaching has been specifically developed for 7 to 8-figure business owners in mind. The model recognises the specific barriers and dynamics of rapid business growth between these levels of revenue and the particular needs of owners at this stage of a business’s development.

When you select someone to help you implement a 7 to 8-figure business growth model, it is critical that you find a specialist who knows how to navigate the obstacles and dynamics between 7 to 8-figures of revenue.

If they are predominantly working with clients of less than 7-figure revenue it’s inevitable that they’ll struggle to offer you such specialised advice and your business growth efforts will likely be affected.

Reason #5: Summit Leader® Business Coaching works – it’s built on real-world company successes including delivering 2000% growth in 8 years

One of my greatest successes includes being part of leadership team that grew a real estate business 2000%, from SME to FTSE 250 company, in 8 years.

Many of the Summit Leader® strategies, tools, techniques and best practices were applied and developed with the help of world-class advisors in growing this business.

There are many nuances and subtleties to get right. And these are often only learned through the hard knocks that come with having actually led rapid growth businesses.

Growing a business is a dynamic process as the leadership team navigates the evolutions and revolutions of growth. And like the growth stages of a child, they are predictable and unavoidable.

To deal with these challenges, the company must increase the number of capable leaders throughout the organisation, embed scalable systems and controls to manage increasing complexities that come with growth; and stay on top of the market dynamics that affect the business.

To do this, the leadership team must master three core fundamentals: setting strategy, driving execution and leading people.

Summit Leader® Business Coaching uses the Summit SCALE® Model which is organized around these critical decision areas, providing you with the tools, techniques, and best practices for making the critical judgement calls that drive growth.

Reason #6: The model is premised on helping you personally do less by getting your business to do more

With Summit Leader® I help my clients build a business that they can one day sell, scale, or even own passively.

A business firmly founded on the stable base of scalable leadership, scalable systems and scalable marketing.

To achieve this, I work with my clients on three key deliverables:

1.Significantly reduce the time it takes the top team to manage the operational activities of the business. Refocus the team on scaling and market-facing activities.
2.Embed the tools, processes and systems required to align everyone else in the organisation (onto the same page) to consistently drive execution and results.
3.Help you personally do less by getting your business to produce more. Develop your capacity to continually set strategy and create the conditions for your organisation to scale and grow rapidly.

Not only will this allow you to grow your company, but more importantly it will reduce your company’s vulnerability should anything happen to you. This protects you, your team, and your customers.

A word of caution: This takes serious commitment to learning to work in new ways. If you’re looking for a magic bullet, the Summit Leader® Business Coaching Program isn’t for you. It’s for serious business leaders who want to legitimately break through to the next level and build a thriving, owner-independent company.

Reason #7: Summit Leader® takes complicated methods and makes them simple and practical

l’ll be the first to put my hand up and say that some of my proven Summit Leader® and Summit SCALE® methods have a lot of moving parts.

But everything in Summit Leader® is delivered to you broken down into a step-by-simple-step, process.

For example, when I ask you to create your one-page strategic plan, I’ll walk you through the sequence one step at a time.

And I’ll give you guides, templates and examples to make it easier and more effective for you to complete every one of those steps.

And that’s not all.

I also meet with you personally, every week (apart from when you or I are on holiday) to talk with you and review your work plus I give you specific feedback of exactly what you need to change and how to change it, should you need that advice.

Summit Leader® makes the complicated simple, by breaking down every step into a simple, short and easier to achieve step.

Reason #8: You get 110% commitment from me and my team.

I don’t have the time, nor inclination, to work with dozens of Clients at the same time. I get results because I am very choosy who I work with.

So, if you and I decide to work together, here’s what you can expect

1.I will take personal responsibility for your success, and you’ll have my personal mobile phone number – so you can contact me with questions whenever and wherever. (The reason I’m happy to give my clients my personal mobile number, is that I know from experience that they’ll hardly ever have to use it).
2.Let me underline that it’s ME you’ll be working with. So whilst I have a team of trusted associates and colleagues on-hand to help when needed, you won’t get passed on to some junior, inexperienced assistant who is still learning their trade.
3.I’ll be helping, guiding, cajoling and supporting you and your team day-by day. So as well as my mobile phone, there’s the private member’s chat group, the online learning portal and my personal email address, as well as our weekly Q&A video session. So you can be certain you are not going to be lost in some sort of ‘group coaching VIP Membership’ money-suck operation (I know it happens, because I’ve been there).

I think that’s about it!

The above reasons are solid, specific and differentiated to the point where you will very likely and quite rightly believe that there is simply no better choice for business coaching other than Summit Leader®.

Your honour, I rest my case.