8 Reasons Why

If you want to know more about what makes Summit SCALE® Coaching unique, here’s eight reasons that our clients tell us why Summit SCALE® is their #1 choice when it comes to business performance coaching.

Reason #1: We carry the risk upfront, not you, with our results guarantee

Coaching is an investment that usually begins to pay off immediately and will continue paying off over the life of your business. Everything you learn today you can continue to apply in the future.

If you qualify – and do the work – I offer a guarantee:

If you don’t earn my fee over and above what you’re making now after 17 weeks of coaching, I will keep coaching you (for free) until it’s true.

There has been just once, that I couldn’t deliver that result, (ask me about the details sometime). And that is with many, many clients.

Reason #2: Getting an ROI has never been easier with the Summit SCALE® Find-Our-Fee method

If you are sitting there thinking “Well that all sounds great, but I don’t have any money” then I have some good news for you.

I use an approach called “find-my-fee” where I help you increase your profits right away so the coaching more than pays for itself.

And if I don’t, as you read above, I’ll work for free until it does.

The bottom line – coaching doesn’t cost – it pays.

Coaching is an investment that usually begins to pay off immediately and will continue paying off over the life of your business.

The real cost is NOT getting business coaching

Here’s some free business coaching for you:

How much did you earn in your business last month?

How much did you WANT to earn last month?

Subtract the two figures. This is how much it is costing you – each and every month – that you put off learning what you need to learn, or changing what you need to change.

Reason #3: I have a long history of getting real business results

Have you paid money in the past to a coach or advisor only to find that a few months later there’s very little to show for it?

How can I be so confident that I can help your business get great results? That’s a fair question.

The answer is straightforward – I’ve been there and done it.

Unlike a lot of business coaches, consultants and advisors, I have actually been in the leadership hot seat of rapid growth 6, 7, 8 & 9-figure businesses.

Having run, turned around, grown and sold multiple businesses as well as managed hyper-growth business units I use my real industry CEO experience as well as top-level coaching qualifications to mentor and coach aspiring entrepreneurs.

And through combining my track-record of success and access to best practices from the world’s largest network of business coaches I have a tried & tested formula for unlocking profits in businesses and for doing it again and again.

Imagine tapping into this proven formula. No more guessing; no more struggling; no more doubting yourself or your decisions. Just clear action steps and structured accountability leading to predictable profits, consistent growth and greater time freedom.

Reason #4: Summit SCALE® makes getting 68% more bottom-line cash every year a reality

We are experienced entrepreneurs coaching founders and business owners. We are experts in one thing – growing profitable companies through business performance coaching.

We help business owners just like you become even better. We can help you grow your profits by at least 68% per year and build a team to help you run the business so you get some time back for yourself.

Wherever your stuck, we can help.

More leads, sales, and rapid growth.
You won’t believe how easy it is to get qualified prospects until you see our methods for yourself. It’s time to leave your competitors in your trail.

Recruit and build a team of people that are excited to work for you.
Only the very best hiring managers win the perpetual war for talent. You’ll join the ranks of elite recruiters when you learn how the very best do it. It’s time to get the ‘stars’ you deserve and let the rest work for the others.

Manage your cash and save money.
Smart business owners know how to control costs, forecast and manage cash, and grow profits. It’s time to control the flow of money through your business and build a nice large pile of cash in your bank account.

Build long-term value in your business for the future.
Any business can be turned into a cash machine that runs without the daily involvement of the owner. It’s time to turn your staff into a team that will run your business like they own it, so you can sell it to whomever you wish, whenever you wish.

Reason #5: Summit SCALE® is specifically for owner-managers seriously committed to increasing profits and growing their businesses.

This is very important!

Both in the UK and the USA only 4% of businesses make it to 7-figure revenue. Of those only 10% make it to 8-figure revenue.

That means there are around 96% of businesses that simply can’t make it to 7-figure revenue.

Either you keep doing what you’re doing, barely maintaining the same revenue year after year, and slide backward, or you move forward with tremendous intentionality.

The world is full of “living dead” companies that reached a plateau and couldn’t grow to the next one. You’re either moving forward or moving back.

Staying still is not sustainable.

Summit SCALE® has been specifically developed for owner-managers of small to medium-sized businesses in mind. Our approach recognizes the specific barriers and dynamics of rapid business growth at these levels and the particular needs of owners at this stage of a business’s development.

When you select someone to help you implement a serious business growth program, it is critical that you find a specialist who knows how to navigate the obstacles and dynamics of rapid growth.

If they are predominantly working with clients who are solopreneurs or micro-businesses it’s inevitable that they’ll struggle to offer you such specialized advice and your business growth efforts will likely be affected.

Reason #6: Summit SCALE® makes building a team you can trust simple.

There’s a well-known metaphor used by Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great, that to build a winning team, you have to get the right people on the bus.

But in our experience, you have to the metaphor much further.

Not only do you want to get the right people on the bus, but you also want to get the right people in the right seats and get playing nicely with each other.

In other words, you want to recruit the best, most talented people in the market and make sure they’re playing the right role on your team and make sure they’re exhibiting the right behaviour.

That’s why we use world-class frameworks for employee hiring & selection, team building, and leadership development to give you the best practices, systems, and tools to make it easy to build a winning team, one that you can trust to run your business when you’re not around.

Reason #7: We give you the strategies, tools and plug-n-play systems you need to build a company that runs without you.

Michael Gerber has written probably the most authoritative book about the entrepreneurial myth. The myth that anyone can come in and start a business and do well and have all your dreams come true and that’s really what motivates a lot of people to start a business.

But the reality, what most people learn is that building the business of your dreams takes a lot longer than we think because most people who start a business are technicians. We’re good at building houses, designing websites, cutting hair, cooking fabulous food, doing whatever, and you can be doing business based on what you’re good at, but learning how to be a great business owner can take a longer than most people expect.

So my job as your Business Coach is to teach you how to accelerate your way through the business-building process – what we call the 5 Steps to Freedom – to a business that can run without you.

How do we do that? We have our 21 Silver Bullets.

These are proven strategies, along with the systems, tools, processes, templates, checklists, and access to world-class technologies to implement into your business to grow your profits, build a team that can help you run your business and free up your time.

The challenge that most business owners have is that you just don’t know what few things you should be focused on. And so my job as a coach is to help you understand what the roadmap looks like for you personally as you move through the development of your business.

And I’ll be the first to put my hand up and say that some of my proven Summit SCALE® methods have a lot of moving parts.

But everything in Summit SCALE® is delivered to you broken down into a step-by-simple-step, process.

Summit SCALE® makes the complicated simple, by breaking down every step into a simple, short and easier to achieve step.

Reason #8: You get direct access to me (or a personal coach) to help you every step of the way.

I don’t have the time, nor inclination, to work with dozens of Clients at the same time. I get results because I am very choosy who I work with.

So if you and I decide to work together, here’s what you can expect

1) I will take personal responsibility for your success, and you’ll have my personal mobile phone number – so you can contact me with questions whenever and wherever. (The reason I’m happy to give my clients my personal mobile number, is that I know from experience that they’ll hardly ever have to use it).

2) Let me underline that it’s ME you’ll be working with. So whilst I have a team of trusted associates and colleagues on-hand to help when needed, you won’t get passed on to some junior, inexperienced assistant who is still learning their trade.

3) I’ll be helping, guiding, cajoling and supporting you and your team day-by-day. So as well as my mobile phone, there’s up an initial (and annual) strategic planning session, quarterly planning reviews, weekly coaching sessions, assignment critiques, online video resources, templates, checklists, processes, reading materials and so much more… So you can be certain you are not going to be lost in some sort of ‘group coaching VIP Membership’ money-suck operation (I know it happens because I’ve been there).

I think that’s about it!

The above reasons are solid, specific and differentiated to the point where you will very likely and quite rightly believe that there is simply no better choice for embedding a proven business growth model into your business other than Summit SCALE®.

Finally, congrats on getting this far!

Now lets talk about your business performance coaching needs, and whether Summit SCALE® or someone/something else is a better option for you. Click here to discover what will happen when we chat.