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Stop Pouring Your Money Down the Drain

If your money isn’t stretching as far as it used to, chances are you’ve allowed “budget creep” to infiltrate your company’s resources.  Here’s how to eliminate that problem — fast! It’s an issue that negatively impacts your bottom line: UNNECESSARY EXPENSES. You see, the bigger your business is, and the more people, projects, and activities […]... Read More

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Are You Getting Crushed By Shrinking Margins?

Are you leaking money due to inefficient systems and shrinking margins? If so, this could be a good read for you as I discuss how to avoid that trap. I want to introduce you to a concept that will significantly impact your business’s profitability (without spending an extra penny): INCREASING YOUR MARGINS. Here are some […]... Read More

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5 Things To Expect From Your Business Coach

Professional business coaching has exploded over the last couple of decades. There are a lot of different styles of coaching and a lot of people out there promoting themselves as business coaches. But what should you a business owner expect from a business coach? Everybody has a different idea of what a coach does and […]... Read More

September 8, 2022 No Comments

Where Are You In The Five Steps to Freedom?

If your business saps your energy, time, and motivation, then you don’t own a company. Your company owns you. To explain what’s happening, let me introduce you to a powerful framework for understanding the phases of business growth. It’s called the Five Steps to Freedom, and this is the roadmap we use to help our […]... Read More

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The Holy Grail – Your Business Runs Without You

Business owners would love the opportunity to have a business that runs successfully without them. That’s the Holy grail, isn’t it? That ideal that many business owners hold – to have time and money freedom. Meaning that they’re able to choose how they spend their time and have the money to do as they wish. […]... Read More