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Team Performance Issues? 6 Signs That Your Management Is The Problem

There’s a steep learning curve when you’re building a business and managing employees for the first time that can sometimes lead to performance issues of your own. Here are six signs that the way you manage might be the biggest roadblock to your team’s performance and productivity. 1. Inconsistent Results A lot of factors can […]... Read More

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Making The Shift From Doing To Leading

One of the most difficult transitions for new leaders to make is the shift from doing to leading. As an early-stage business owner or manager, you can get away with holding on to work. People may even admire your willingness to keep “rolling up your sleeves” to execute tactical assignments. But as a business grows your […]... Read More

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The 10 Shades Of Grey In Effective Delegation

Delegating is the idea of I’m going to ask someone to do an activity or a task I’m currently doing. I’m going to explain the outcomes that I’m looking for and then I’m going to provide the right level of training and support to give them what they need in order to get to an […]... Read More