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Why Annual Performance Reviews Don’t Work?

Although I worked with some very successful businesses in the early years of my career there were some very average management practices. Management training meant being trained to fill out forms, have a once-a-year appraisal conversation with your employees and tell them how they could improve. The dreaded performance reviews. Supposedly addressing performance over the […]... Read More

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High Performance Leadership – Creating Permission To Tell Bad News

As a former CEO of multiple businesses and now a Business Coach, I’ve learned from experience that there are fundamentally three key drivers of a high-performance environment in a ness. Strategy – clear customer strategy development and definition Execution – there are consistent processes for strategy execution that align individual contributions to the overall strategy […]... Read More

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The 3 Drivers Of A High-Performance Team In Any Business

A good friend of mine, Susan Lucia Annunzio – President and Chief Executive Officer of The Center for High Performance, based in Chicago – completed a global study of workforce performance and published her book Contagious Success. This was ground-breaking research – Lucia and her team discovered that what drove high performance could be observed […]... Read More