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Right People Doing The Right Things Right

Team building is all about getting the right people doing the right things in order to accomplish a shared vision. This isn’t a new idea. Jim Collins wrote about this in ‘Good to Great’, describing “disciplined people” and “disciplined action” as core components of breakthrough momentum. In ‘Mastering the Rockefeller Habits’, Verne Harnish describes this […]... Read More

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Are You Struggling To Get Your Team To Perform?

Work teams are the backbone of modern-day business. Management teams run companies. Project teams create new products and services. Marketing and sales teams deliver products and services to customers. High-performing teams are essential to the way most businesses organize and carry out their work, resulting in superior business performance, which translates into a significant competitive […]... Read More

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How Do You Know If You Have A Time Management Problem?

Business owners who struggle to manage their time effectively often feel overwhelmed and out of control. They can be found running from one business activity to another with little time off. The danger is that this can quickly lead to burnout. Business owners usually contact me when they are exhausted, discouraged and feeling at the […]... Read More