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The 5 Steps to Freedom for Business Owners

Businesses go through a very predictable set of organizational developmental steps. In fact, each developmental step on what we call ‘The Five Steps of Freedom’, requires passage through an ‘aha’ zone. Every successful Business Owner is going to pass through these things and, as long as you stay above break-even and learn not to blame, […]... Read More

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8 Tips to Propel Your Weekly Meetings To The Next Level

When it comes to communication and alignment, one activity, more than any other, will be key to maintaining the focus and discipline of an organization. There’s no better way to have a fundamental impact on an organization than by changing its meetings. Yet it is possible to execute the Weekly Team Meeting and consistently solve […]... Read More

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Why You Can’t Force Accountability!

Accountability and discipline are often associated with negative stereotypes and consequences. It usually means forcing something on someone. It doesn’t have to be this way. When done right, accountability is usually embraced instead of feared. If you are doing all you can as a leader and manager, then accountability results. If not, then it’s time […]... Read More