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How to Hire and Retain the Right People

You simply can’t achieve consistent results until you get the right people in place. The right people are the ones who share your company’s core values. They fit and thrive in your culture. They’re the people you enjoy being around and who make your organisation a better place to be. And the term “Core Values” […]... Read More

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A Meeting Rhythm to Set You Free

When it comes to communication and alignment, one activity, more than any other, will be key to maintaining the focus and discipline of an organization. There is no better way to have a fundamental impact on an organization than by changing its meetings. So let me dispel the myth that all meetings are bad, that […]... Read More

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A Winning Mindset for Today’s Business Leader

Leadership is a commonly discussed topic with an ongoing debate around the traits and attributes that make a successful leader. In fact the last time I looked on Amazon there were over 50,000 books with the word “leadership” in the title. I’m a business leader and I work with and talk with other business leaders […]... Read More

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One Thing For Team Cohesion

Many businesses are run by well-intentioned leadership teams who have a good understanding of the details of their business. But they don’t spend a lot of time thinking or talking about why their organisation exists or what values should drive their behaviours. And though they talk about being strategic, they can’t articulate a clear simple […]... Read More