JV Crum III on How To Achieve Your First Million

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode

  • Discover the inspiration behind the book; “Conscious Millionaire"
  • Understand what it means to be conscious
  • Learn how to thrive as a millionaire.
  • Find out what a Big Impact Vision is
  • Learn the best habit to develop


J V Crum III is known for his LIVE On-Camera Trainings where he creates a Breakthrough for business coaches and consultants by helping them find $50,000 or more in hidden revenues and develop steps to put it in their bank account.

Named by Inc Magazine as one of the Top 13 Business Shows to listen to in 2017, JV is host of the syndicated radio show and podcast, Conscious Millionaire, and the best-selling author of “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference.”

JV holds multiple certifications in NLP and has graduate degrees in three areas: law, business and psychology.

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Bruce Eckfeldt on Keys to building a successful leadership team

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode

  • Understand why CEOs need to build a leadership team
  • Discover what common mistakes CEOs make when selecting people for their leadership team
  • Learn how to make a leadership team effective


Bruce Eckfeldt is a consultant, coach, author, and speaker on organizational development and performance management.

Originally an architect, he was a pioneer in the use of computer-aided design and 3D modelling. He later transitioned to software design and development, converting his spatial problem-solving skills to informational architecture and user experience design of digital software products.

Today, Bruce uses his experience as an entrepreneur and Inc 500 CEO to help high-growth companies scale more quickly with less drama. He is an expert in business and operational growth strategy, talent planning, performance coaching, and using Lean/Agile to achieve operational excellence.

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Meet your host

Shane Spiers

Shane is a Business Scaling Strategist and accomplished leader with SME, mid-sized and FTSE 250 company experience. The predominant part of his career has been leading and scaling seven, eight & nine-figure rapid growth companies.

His roles have included CEO of a 25 million enterprise providing services to central and local government, MD of a 240 million business unit responsible for leading a team of over 1000 people operating in 135 sites in 23 cities.

One of his greatest successes included being part of leadership team that grew a real estate business 2000%, from SME to FTSE 250 company, in 8 years.